Lecture on Architecture of the GNR(I) by Siobhan Osgood

Thursday 24th May 2018, County Museum, Jocelyn Street, Dundalk at 7.00 pm

My journey of discovery into Irish railway architecture started in Dundalk. From my initial alighting at the station to wanderings around the residential streets and former GNRI engineering works, I was captivated by the clear architectural communality one railway company had managed to create. I’ll be sharing my findings alongside digitised drawings from the IRRS archives in Dublin and anyone with an interest in local history, architecture or industrial heritage will hopefully find it interesting and entertaining.
Siobhan Osgood
“Siobhan Osgood is a scholarship student at Trinity College Dublin who is writing a doctoral thesis on the architecture of the Great Northern Railway under the supervision of Professor Christine Casey. Her MPhil dissertation on the GNR at Dundalk won the dissertation prize of the Association of Industrial Archaeology Journal in 2017 and will be published in article form in its forthcoming 2018 journal. ‘This is a most exciting project by an innovative researcher and the first sustained study of the GNR’s architectural legacy. The Dundalk works provided the impetus to the wider study and Siobhan has received strong support from the Railway History Society”.
Professor Christine Casey